Fort Ann NY Speeding Ticket Attorney

Fort Ann is known for the Revolutionary War Battle of Fort Anne - read more about it on the town's website, There's some cool pictues and info under their "history" link from the home page. If you receive a speeding ticket (or a ticket for some other traffic violation), we can represent you and fight for the best outcome possible. Most people who get tickets are concerned about increased insurance rates, license points, suspended license, losing their job, or worse. Attorney Randall Kehoe has been practicing law since 1990 and offers some of the most affordable legal fees in the state, charging flat fees for New York speeding tickets and other traffic violations and misdemeanors. Please call or complete an online inquiry to discuss the detials of your case. There is no obligation to hire and consultations are free of charge.

What Outcome Can I Expect in My Case?

If you hire our office, as your Fort Ann traffic lawyer we will call on our experience handling tickets since 1990 to ensure the best outcome possible for you in court. As with any legal case, there are many, many moving parts sometimes with conflicting interests to consider. To see how cases have been decided in the past, we have posted some of our closed cases on the website - Ny Speeding Ticket Fines. There, you can view fine notices and other details of cases where we have represented clients with cases in various courts throughout New York state.

We are also available as local of counsel in the Fort Ann Town Court and other courts in Washington County, NY.

DWI Defense

Law Office of Randall Kehoe also defends clients charged with DWI in and around the Greater Capital Region. Please contact us to discuss the details of your case. We will need information including the court where the charge is issued from as well as your scheduled court date. DWI is a serious charge with increasingly serious penalties including the installation of an alcohol interlock device in the personal automobiles of convicted offenders. This is just another reason why DWI must be handled with extreme caution and skill by an attorney experienced with local policies and procedures. Mr. Kehoe has an intimate knowledge of DWI law in the Capital and can help minimize your troubles if you have been charged. He also offers reasonable fees for his services.

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